Mbambo to name and shame those not submitting reports for SORA

17 Apr 2018 19:40pm
RUNDU, 17 APR (NAMPA) – Public institutions that fail to submit their reports on development projects to the Office of the Governor for the compilation of the Kavango East State of the Region Address will be named and shamed.
Governor of the Kavango East Region, Samuel Mbambo said this on Tuesday during the first stakeholder meeting discussing preparations for the nationwide clean-up campaign on 25 May this year.
All regional governors are obliged by the Namibian Constitution to address their respective regional councils annually on pertinent matters concerning the state of their regions.
Many governors take the opportunity to highlight planned activities, achievements, and challenges.
“Two or three months ago, we sent out letters requesting heads of departments of various public institutions to update us on development projects which we can share with the region and the rest of the nation,” Mbambo said.
Some institutions have not responded yet.
“Let me assure you, brothers and sisters, we will name and shame you. That means you are denying the region the right to know what you are doing. You are quiet when you have been given the mandate to lead,” he said.
The due date for the institutions to respond is 07 May this year for the committee set up to compile the State of the Region Address.
The stakeholder meeting was attended by regional councillors and local authority councillors from within the region, senior officials from government institutions and agencies, as well as various business institutions.