Rain affects schools in Kunene

16 Apr 2018 15:10pm
WINDHOEK, 16 APR (NAMPA) - Plans are underway to relocate the Otjimuhaka Mobile Unit in the Epupa Constituency to higher ground as two of the school’s tents were flooded due to heavy rains in the Kunene Region.
This was confirmed by Abia Kambaekua, a head of department in the Ondao Mobile School Division, on Monday.
“The Grade 3 and 4 classes were flooded,” Kambaekua said, adding that the shacks used as hostel accommodation have fortunately not been affected.
The Otjimuhaka Mobile Unit has 180 learners, mostly from the marginalised communities such as Ovatue, Ovatjimba, San, Ovadhimba and Himba.
The Otjamaungu Mobile Unit, which is situated about 25 kilometres from Ruacana, has also been relocated because of the same reason.
Principal of the Ondao Mobile School, Amon Kapi told this news agency learners at Otjikondavirongo in the Sesfontein Constituency are not attending school as water levels in rivers in the area have risen.
The Kunene River Lodge also closed on Thursday after the Kunene River overflowed, leaving some parts of the lodge under water.
The region has more than 80 mobile school units which all fall under the Ondao Mobile School Division.