NSFAF ceo Hilya Nghiwete suspended

16 Apr 2018 08:20am

The Namibia Student Financial Assistance Fund today suspended its chief executive officer Hilya Nghiwete with immediate effect.

Nghiwete who showed up for work today was also hit by the surprise when she was allegedly called out of a meeting to pack up and leave the premises.

In a letter dated 16 April 2018, the board’s chairperson Jerome Mutumba wrote that Nghiwete is suspended pending the outcome of an investigation process.

The letter said, “This is on account of serious allegations that have come to the attention of the board. The concerned allegations border on the centrality of maladministration and/or administrative corruption, amongst other misconducts , which upon preliminary review by the board presented prima facie reasons justifying that in the interest of the institution and the public at large, certain disciplinary actions be considered against her”.