It's an honor to serve a huge organisation like NFA - Rukoro

April 15, 2018, 5:57pm

The Villager (TV) this week sat with the Secretary General (SG) of Namibia Football Association (NFA) Barry Rukoro whose term ended on the 31ST of March this year. 

Rukoro responded to questions posted by this publication on his achievements and challenges he faced during his tenure as the driving force behind football development in the country. 

TV: How has your experience been serving the NFA?

BR: I am not out yet; I am still in the office. Nevertheless, it has been a great honor to serve such a huge organisation. It is a big orginisation which serves so many people and for me to be able to head such an organisation for so many years and to continue to do that is a real humbling experience. I am really honored.


TV: What are some of the challenges you have experienced as the SG of NFA? 

BR: The biggest challenge normally in an institution like NFA is the range of services one must provide throughout the country. There are many football competitions and I have to attend to them all for the development of football in the country. One of the challenges is finding resources for all competitions. Money has been the major challenge because Namibia is a country with a very small population and you can not expect to make a lot of money from gate fees and so on. 

It is thus always a big challenge to generate enough money to provide football to all the people.

We have to cover huge distances to be able to bring football to people and it’s very costly. So that is a big challenge.