Van Rooyen applauds Geingob’s SONA

12 Apr 2018 19:20pm
WINDHOEK, 12 APR (NAMPA) – Trustco Managing Director (MD) Quinton van Rooyen has applauded President Hage Geingob for working hard towards bettering Namibia.
Van Rooyen was speaking during a breakfast meeting in the capital on Thursday where the State of the Nation Address (SONA) delivered by Geingob Wednesday, was discussed.
While opposition parties and other speakers during the session criticised the SONA and highlighted what it lacked, Van Rooyen articulated his admiration for it.
“I realised, to my surprise, that despite adverse economic conditions, this country was actually in pretty good shape and the SONA proved that President Geingob and his team are turning plans into action,” he said.
He added that this SONA was an “unmistakeable call to action” for ordinary Namibians and said the president has done his best to get the country back into shape, but should not have to do so alone.
In addition to this, Van Rooyen said Namibia should make itself the preferred choice for foreign investment and development capital.
“We are an independent nation and should act as such. We cannot claim independence if we behave dependant on foreign aid and feel entitled to pity from international investors and the development community.”
He also said “national problems are resolved by patriots and democrats who back up and build up institutions.”
Van Rooyen warned against the abuse of social media to amplify the vocal minority as it gives the impression of public debate, while in reality is “only a shouting match by a few who compete for unnecessary attention.”
“A perfect example is the overreaction to NEEEF, resulting in threatening of closing of businesses and the general condition that surrounded the business climate before the debate even started.
In exchange for 25 per cent equity, which is no longer a requirement, let us give 25 per cent more effort to empower the disempowered.”
The New Equitable Economic Empowerment Framework (NEEEF) is aimed at restructuring the private business sector through empowerment pillars that address a variety of needs of previously disadvantaged people.
He also challenged Namibian businesses to follow the leadership of the president and provide equity to employees, a dignified wage and enable all employees to live with a sense of self-worth.
“I similarly call on workers’ unions, who are losing membership due to retrenchments and infighting, to re-evaluate their approach to business.'
Van Rooyen called on Namibians to focus more on rewarding success instead of casting suspicion on successful initiatives.