Omaruru community is protecting drug dealers – Nelumbu

12 Apr 2018 17:00pm




The Erongo regional police commander, commissioner Andreas Nelumbu says that community members are protecting drug dealers and this has led to a high number of drug dealers and users in Omaruru. 

This comes after an accusation that Omaruru police force members are friends with drugs dealers resulting in few drug related arrests.

“They complain about drug dealers making Omaruru their selling ground but they do not come out to say where exactly these drugs are being sold. They are supposed to assist the police by guiding them to places where drugs are sold anonymously but all they do is just blame the police. Community members are involved in these illegal activities and not the police,” he said. 

Nelumbu also said that the allegations a based on speculations. 

“All I am saying is that they should approach my office with evidence based information. I am a police officer and we will investigate. We as the police in Erongo region are doing our best to bring drug dealers to book in each and every town in the region. Why should we specifically discriminate Omaruru and not carry out our operations there? We have drug law enforcement squad officers on the ground there as well that they are not aware of. And they will never be aware of them until we bring an end to the drug issue in Omaruru,” he said.

Nelumbu also said that whistle-blowers will be protected.