Gibeon CEO resigns after confrontation for absenteeism

12 Apr 2018 16:40pm



The Gibeon Village Council (GVC) Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Desiree Theunissen resigned from her position last week Friday after she was allegedly confronted by the village council for absenteeis.

According to the Chairperson of the GVC Anna Justine Garoes, Theunissen did not fulfil her duties since she was appointed as the CEO, she told The Villager.

“We have been having problems with her ever since her appointment. It is either she does not show up for work for number of days or she would not agree with any collective decision taken by the councilors for development of the town. She has also disappointed the council for being absent when the auditors come in for auditing, she did not show up as the person responsible for the council’s administration,” she said.

She added that CEO is incompetent in terms of delivering on what she was appointed for and choose to stay away from work and immediately resigned when she was confronted.  

Garoes further explained that the councilors had to put in more efforts to bring down the escalading debt of water bills of the community.

“The members of the community owed the council more than N$10 million dollars and we had taken a collective decision to cut cost by not allowing any of the employees to travel in order not to pay subsistence and travel allowance to employees. We did successfully manage to bring the debt down to N$7 million after the decision was taken. She did not agree with the council on the decision,” she said. 

She added that the CEO wrote a letter to the council after she has resigned to be reinstated but the council refused and she vowed to challenge the council in court. 

Garoes said, “We do not have a choice but to let her go forward with her decision to challenge the council in court. We have submitted all our complaints to the governor and a meeting was called. She was than told about the complains brought forward against her and after the meeting with the governor she handed in her resignation letter because she was confronted for all the complaints brought forward against her.”

She further said that the current council was appointed because we need development in Gibeon because the previous council did not do their work as councilors.

When contacted for a comment Theunissen said she got tired.

“It has been going on for two years. I am got tired for the infighting. Whoever you have interviewed is lying to you. I have legal cases against the village council. I have reported the matter to the regional council and the line ministry as well. It not about being absent without leave. They must show that I was absent without leave if they say so. Why would I leave a job because I was confronted for being absent without leave? The were constantly things that were done that undermined my authority,” she said. 

She added that she was removed from signatory power in 2016 and that is one of the reasons why she decided to resign. 

Theunissen also said. “I was constantly being accused of mismanagement of the village council resources and I really got tired and resigned.”