NRCS donates solar-powered boreholes to Kavango regions

12 Apr 2018 15:20pm
MAYANA, 12 APR (NAMPA) – The Namibia Red Cross Society in partnership with the Spanish Red Cross donated two solar-powered boreholes valued at N.dollars 400 000 to the Kavango East and West regions on Thursday.
The boreholes are situated at Sharukwe village in the Kavango West Region and Mayana village in the Kavango East Region.
The project, funded by the European Union (EU) Delegation to Namibia, is aimed at promoting the use of renewable energy in rural areas.
Speaking at the handing over of the boreholes to the Mayana community, the EU Delegation to Namibia’s Programme Manager for Development Cooperation, Titus Endjala said the initiative will ensure that local communities have access to various forms of renewable energy.
“It is important that local farmers integrate renewable forms of energy and energy efficient technologies into water irrigation systems in the Kavango regions,” Endjala said.
He said the EU has committed itself to supporting projects and programmes in Namibia in the fields of education and agriculture.
In addition, support is also given to special initiatives in the country, including awareness of renewable energy.
Another objective is to support Government efforts to reduce the vulnerability of the rural population to the adverse impact of climate change.
Endjala said the EU’s experience shows that resources and expertise should be made available to development actors, including civil society organisations in rural areas who work with vulnerable groups on issues directly related to poverty alleviation.
The EU Delegation is convinced that by providing access to appropriate sustainable energy technologies, Namibia can stimulate local investment, including jobs and quality education, which will help reduce poverty.