Arandis introduces security deposits for water accounts

12 Apr 2018 08:30am
ARANDIS, 12 APR (NAMPA) – The Arandis Town Council earlier this month introduced security deposits for all water accounts with effect from 18 April 2018.
The security deposit is applicable to all new and existing clients of the town council.
Pensioners are required to pay N.dollars 650, while single residential and open market clients will have to pay N.dollars 850.
The general residential areas, which include bed and breakfast establishments, churches and non-governmental organisations, are required to pay N.dollars 1 500.
Tertiary institutions, hospitals and clinics, shopping malls and other business entities must pay N.dollars 2 500.
The town council’s communications officer, Irene Jacobs on Wednesday confirmed to Nampa that security deposits were introduced and said a communique in this regard was sent out to all residents.
She said in terms of Section 31 of the Local Authorities Act, Act 23 of 1992 as amended, the council has promulgated consumer deposits, which is a statutory requirement in order to secure both the consumer and the institution.
“The absence of security deposits has been an audit query on the books of the Arandis Town Council and the Auditor-General has directed that such deposits be introduced,” she said.
Jacobs said the deposits will be used to recover arrears in the event of a breach of contract.
She said it is also necessary to recover outstanding amounts due to the council should a client terminate the contract.
The council indicated that the deposits could be adjusted should the council deem it appropriate.
Jacobs noted that if there are some residents who feel they cannot pay the deposit in one amount, they are welcome to make an arrangement with the council to pay off the amount in instalments over 12 months.
The decision was not received well by residents, who went on social media to express their disapproval.
One post reads: “Meanwhile in Arandis, where the mayor is a former trade unionist, residents are being asked to deposit for water. It is high time that these draconian and apartheid laws [are looked into], but well, for now let us Harambee and deposit for municipal services.