MediPark nurses experience delays in salary payments

28 May 2013 07:50
ONGWEDIVA, 28 MAY (NAMPA) - Staff members of the Ongwediva MediPark Private Hospital are unhappy about the perpetual delays in the payment of their monthly salaries.
They are unhappy because their employer has never given them any good explanation for the continued delays.
Some of the disgruntled staff members told Nampa on Monday they are now ?fed-up? with the delays and want to see immediate solutions to this problem.
The delayed payments apparently happened three times last year, and recurred again the past two months.
?We are supposed to receive our monthly salaries on the 25th of each month, but they pay us several days later without telling us what is causing the delay,? the unhappy nurses stated.
They said their salary for this month (May) was also not yet paid in by Monday, and they have not received any satisfactory explanation from the hospital management about the late payment of their salaries.
?We decided to approach the media to expose this mistreatment and disrespect of the nurses after realising the management has failed to satisfy our queries and they continue to ignore our demand for salaries to be paid on time,? said one nurse, who insisted on anonymity for fear of victimisation.
The delay in the payment of their salary has also resulted in the late payment of their personal accounts with creditors.
?We are overworked because of the shortage of nurses at this hospital. Yet, we are forced to beg for our salaries to be paid into our bank accounts on time so we can pay the creditors every month. These people (management) are just ignoring us,? she said.
In response to Nampa?s questions on the delays, the hospital?s General Manager for Administration, Meriam Chobe said the delays have never been deliberate, but have come about whenever payday fell on a public holiday.
?The Africa Day holiday caught all of us unawares,? Chobe said, explaining that the monthly salaries payment which the hospital owed its employees for this month was done before lunchtime on Monday, 27 May.
The Director of MediPark Private Hospital Dr Tshali Ithete also said the delay in the payment of the salaries was merely a result of technical difficulties.
Apart from the Africa Day holiday, Ithete explained that one of the previous delays occurred because he was attending a training course in neighbouring South Africa.
Ithete said he is one of two people who are responsible for signing off salary payments, and salaries cannot be processed before he gives his signature.
He said the late submission of overtime hours also delays the payment process.