SMEs receive funding from Karasburg East Constituency office

12 Apr 2018 07:50am
KEETMANSHOOP, 12 APR (NAMPA) – The Karasburg East Constituency office has given nearly N.dollars 100 000 to small and medium enterprises (SME) within the constituency.
Deputy Minister of Urban and Rural Development, Derek Klazen mentioned this at the belated Independence celebrations at Ariamsvlei on Saturday.
Karasburg East Constituency Councillor, Dennis Coetzee told Nampa on Tuesday his office advanced monetary support to five different projects.
“The beneficiaries identified these projects themselves, so they must implement them and bring change to the community,” said Coetzee.
The projects include the //Nu //Gams Lucerne project at Gabis near Karasburg that received N.dollars 25 038, a youth bakery project at Grünau that got N.dollars 24 000 and a brick-making project at Warmbad given N.dollars 28 846.
Coetzee said the constituency office will also build 20 SME stalls at Ariamsvlei at a cost of N.dollars 24 077 and plans to purchase 10 stud rams for N.dollars 23 798. The animals will be availed to the community within the constituency to improve the quality of the goats.
Martin Bezuidenhoudt of the lucerne project told this news agency he was very happy to hear about the funding.
“It is good that people on the ground are funded, I wish they could increase the money next time, but I appreciate it because without the government, we could not start these projects,” he said.