Tsumeb murder accused police station commander to appear before fitness board

11 Apr 2018 18:30pm

Tsumeb police station commander, chief inspector, Bernhard Nghuulivali is expected to appear before the fitness board to determine whether or not he would be suspended from duty until a judgement has been delivered on his pending murder case.

Nghuulivali is currently on N$10 000 bail and is facing one count of murder after he fired his service pistol in December last year, resulting in the death of a minor. 

The board will decide whether Nghuulivali will be suspended for accusations made against him, the police spokesperson deputy commissioner Edwin Kanguatjivi has told The Villager. 

“There are procedures to be followed and as the accused has the right to answer to the board that we call the fitness board. He will have to give his reasons in terms of why he thinks he must not be suspended because he is just an accused and has not yet been found guilty of the charge. What if we just suspend him and then the court finds him not guilty then we will be held accountable for his suspension. That is why he has to appear before the hearing before any action is taken,” he said. 

It has been alleged that Nghuulivali fled the scene in his private vehicle after he shot and killed the minor.