Over 800 'Koevoet' using one toilet in Katutura

April 11, 2018, 6:25pm


Over 800 members of SWAVET also known as Koevoet are lodged without potable water behind the Commando community hall in Katutura Windhoek.

The group is also forced to share one toilet among themselves, but are adamant on living there until the state hears the plea. 

The group is demanding to be acknowledged by the state as war veterans, saying that they are facing tough time since they arrived in Windhoek some tow and half years ago. 

According to the Chairperson of the group Andreas Kandji, the living conditions have only gone from bad to worse. 

“We do not have water nor do we have proper toilet facilities. This toilet that was set up is used by the all of us that are here. We came here years ago and we are struggling to survive. Sometimes members go to beg for food in the streets because we are not from Windhoek and just came here to be recognized as war veterans,” he fumed. 

He added that there as humans they are tired of living in unfavorable conditions and as the rainy season has is approaching they fear that their temporary structures will be damaged.