Mainstream gender in national budget- Shejavali

April 10, 2018, 5:32pm

The finance ministry should take the initiative in coming up with a gender sensitive budget in order to address gender equality through the budget process, researcher Nangula Shejavali has said. 

In her recommendations on the paper, “Women in the budget: An explanation of Namibia’s gender budgeting process” co-authored by Max Weylandt, she makes use of Rwanda as an example where   gender budgeting faltered “partly because the Ministry of Finance did not play a central role.”

“Experience shows that other ministries will only start paying attention once they know this will affect the funds they receive,” says the researcher.  

Shejavali lobbies for the setting up of an office to monitor compliance such as one in Rwanda.

 It will be important not just to review the extent of compliance, but also the quality and effects of gender budgeting, as well as the needs going forward, she submits.