“Vote of no confidence against me is football politics”: Tjiveze

09 Apr 2018 17:00pm
REHOBOTH, 09 APR (NAMPA) – Ousted chairperson of the Kunene Football League (KFL) Second Division, Petrus Tjiveze said his removal from the post is “football politics”.
KFL teams instituted a vote of no confidence in Tjiveze during their annual general meeting on Saturday, citing lack of leadership and lack of accountability with regards to league finances.
At the meeting held in Kamanjab, 11 of the 12 teams felt Tjiveze was no longer deemed fit to hold the position.
The teams claimed he did not avail financial reports for over four years in the position and this led to Kunene being “football marginalised”.
Speaking to Nampa on Monday, Tjiveze said he was not surprised to hear that a motion of no confidence was instituted against him.
“This is pure football politics and this is election year. Campaigns have started with unfounded allegations to try and oust certain unwanted members,” Tjiveze said.
He stated the campaign to remove him started on 15 March 2018 during a meeting with the Kunene Regional Council (KRC) about The Namibian Newspaper Cup preparations.
“We (KFL) were invited by the KRC to plan together for the newspaper cup, instead the KFL executive was humiliated, belittled and exposed as we were accused of not doing enough for the region,” Tjiveze noted.
He said all regional divisions struggle to operate due to lack of funds, not only Kunene; and that it is a battle to get administration funds.
“How am I supposed to give reports if the bank balance of the league is in a deficit? We were even not part of the technical team selection of the newspaper cup. We were told that we are incompetent and the KRC took over the planning.”
Tjiveze said the meeting was part of the bigger picture to remove him.
“It was blatant interference from KRC to oust the committee.”
He added that he holds no grudges, does not want to be part of football politics and will rather concentrate on his career as a teacher.
“I have nothing to explain to anyone and don’t want negativity in my life. Being away will pave the way for me to spend more time on my career,” Tjiveze concluded.