I have never received a bribe-Calle Schlettwein admits...as he defends his ministry from corruption allegations

April 8, 2018, 6:03pm

Outspoken minister of finance, Calle Schlettwein, took time to stress his incorruptibility by plainly stating that he had never received a bribe while answering questions at an Institute for Public Policy Research (IPPR) budget overview event last week in the capital.

The minister was hit with questions over allegations of corruption at his ministry following claims that ministerial officials were taking bribes from ordinary Namibians for services.

He hit back to say that a few cases did not mean that the entire ministry was corrupted but he however disclosed that ten of his staff members had to be arraigned before the courts on charges of corruption last year and have since been booted out. 

 By July last year, the minister had kicked out one person from managerial position and six others from low level positions for lack of integrity and trying to “cheat the system”.

Said the minister, “There is a statement that whatever you want to do at the finance ministry you have to bribe them. I think first of all that is gross generalization. I have never been bribed or received a bribe. I am a member of the ministry of finance. So when you go and say everything that you have to do at the finance ministry you must bribe I think it’s wrong.”

 The minister however turned the tables against those that complained of bribes saying that they are equally guilty for providing the kickbacks. 

“There are cases of wrong doing but then you must report them instead of bribing them. If you bribe them, then you are guilty more than the person that solicited the bribe.  So I don’t think it’s good to complain if you did something wrong and say I am ok I bribed but its only the one that received the bribe that is wrong,” he said.