Onandova gets modern district office

08 Apr 2018 18:40pm
OKAKWA, 08 APR (NAMPA) – The Oukwanyama Traditional Authority’s (OTA) Onandova District has become the second OTA district to construct a modern office.
The office was officially inaugurated by Oukwanyama Queen Martha Mwadinomho waKristian yaNelumbu on Saturday.
Eudaneko District of Senior Councillor George Nelulu was the first to build an office for administration purposes, worth some N.dollars 600 000, in July 2016.
Speaking during the inauguration of the Onandova office, YaNelumbu encouraged communities in the 11 Oukwanyama districts to remain united and to support the construction of modern offices for their respective districts.
“We need to put an end to meetings being held under the trees,” said YaNelumbu in a speech presented on her behalf at the inauguration.
In the absence of district offices, she added, important community meetings cannot take place when it is cold or it rains.
Oukwanyama traditional senior councillor for the Onandova District, Kashidinge Waandja told Nampa on Sunday communities of the 33 villages in the district contributed some N.dollars 300 000 to the construction of their district office.
Construction started in 2016.
“The fundraising continues, as more money is needed for the office to be tiled, as well as for the purchasing of curtains and office equipment,” he said.
Waandja contributed N.dollars 185 000 to the construction of the office. Pledges for N.dollars 15 500 and furniture such as chairs were made on Saturday.
Headman of Onandova District’s Okakwa B village, Frans Nghitila also pledged to donate a computer and all-in-one scanner and photocopier.