Ondangwa Shoprite Usave allegedly sells spoiled Jungle Oats

08 Apr 2018 13:50pm
ONDANGWA, 08 APR (NAMPA) – The Shoprite USave supermarket near the Omwandi gwaKamanya residential area in Ondangwa is accused of having boxes of expired Jungle Oats on its shelves.
A customer, Nestor Toivo, made the discovery when he bought Jungle Oats there on Tuesday and Wednesday.
“I was shocked to see brown bugs in the oats I bought from Usave on Tuesday. We discovered it while the whole family was eating the porridge prepared for breakfast on Wednesday,” he said.
According to Toivo, he went back to the shop and bought another one kilogramme box of the same brand of oats, only to discover back home that this one too was full of live bugs.
“I decided to go back to the supermarket to confront its manager on the matter and she was quick to apologise and to refund my money,” he said.
He expressed concern that many families in and around Ondangwa may have consumed pests through eating the Jungle Oats from that particular U-Save.
“An apology and refund alone cannot satisfy the victims,” he stated, and demanded to know if the management of the Usave will accept responsibility if a person became sick after eating spoiled food from their store.
The expiry date on the Jungle Oats box bought by Toivo on Wednesday is 02 March 2018. The management of the market already removed the boxes of porridge from the shelves by the time Nampa was there Wednesday afternoon.
Approached for comment on Friday, Divisional Human Resources Manager for Shoprite, Karen Smith admitted that boxes of spoiled Jungle Oats were discovered at Ondangwa Shoprite U-Save. She however denied that expired Jungle Oats were stocked at that market.
Smith said the store apologised and refunded the customer.
“We needed to remove the products from the shelves and send it back to the supplier, because it came from the supplier like that,” she said.
Public Relations Officer for the Ondangwa Town Council, Petrina Shitalangaho told Nampa the council currently has only one health inspector after the second inspector took early retirement.
However, Shitalangaho indicated that the office of the health inspector was not aware of the spoiled Jungle Oats sold at the U-Save.
The health inspector, Shitalangaho said, goes to all shops at the town once a week, removing any expired product found on the shelves.