Gibeon Constituency celebrates independence

07 Apr 2018 10:30am
GIBEON, 07 APR (NAMPA) – Residents of Tsub-!Gaos in the Gibeon Constituency belatedly celebrated Namibia’s 28th Independence anniversary on Friday.
Speaking during the event, Gibeon Constituency Councillor Jeremias van Neel said on Independence Day, every Namibian should participate in celebratory activities, pause and reflect on the heroic efforts of the brave sons and daughters who fought for Namibia’s independence.
“Namibians, holding hands, collectively broke the shackles of physical, political and economic enslavement, opening the doors to our freedom and a future of possibilities,” Van Neel said.
He said it is also a fitting occasion to unpack the true meaning of independence.
“When we, as freedom fighters, came to the realisation that we would have to be our own liberators, what we had in mind was a better future for all Namibians beyond the flag and the national anthem.”
He further said Namibians envisioned a nation that one day would be able to turn the blood, sweat and tears of the liberation struggle into a shared vision of prosperity for all.
“What we sought was the complete emancipation of each and every Namibian. Our goal was to unite the people of our vast land irrespective of race, religion, gender or ethnic origin for a democratic, vibrant and peace-loving nation to prosperity.”
Van Neel further said there were no textbooks to prepare them for accomplishing the task of development and shared prosperity after independence.
“Our conscience and actions animated our conviction that we needed to build a new Namibia - a Namibia in which the chains of the injustices of the past would be broken and the protection of each citizen the reason why a Government is elected became a reality.”
Van Neel said liberation heroes wanted a Namibia in which government policies set the country on course towards nation building, social progression and economic advancement.
“I should remind you that prosperity for the majority of our citizens is the only insurance for sustainable peace. A country where inequality still exists cannot be successful.”
He said after 28 years, it is time Namibians take stock, assess the road going forward and see how best they can accomplish the urgent tasks of unity and shared prosperity, peace and unity as they are important preconditions for a collective success as a nation.