VIDEO: Meet the men who maintain Windhoek's sewers

April 5, 2018, 4:51pm

The City of Windhoek’s sewerage department is made up of men and women who do one of the most challenging jobs in the city, maintaining the sewers.

These workers said that they have seen it all and touched it all while working in drains to unclog or fix these facilities in the city.

The Villager on Wednesday morning accompanied the workers on the job to observe the process that goes into fixing a clogged drain.

John Iyambo who works in that department said that although plumbers do not generally earn little but they need to be remunerated more for the job they do.

He also tell The Villager that after he stopped gagging from the scent in the drains he learned to love his job, noting that it is not an easy one.

He added that when he goes home from work his immediate family is most of the time irritated by the unhygienic smell that his work uniform catches and sometimes have to remove his clothing outside before he can enter the house. 

“I do not say we are not paid well but plumbers must be paid high salaries in general. I do enjoy this work but at fisrt I could not stand it due to the smell and all types of rubbish one finds in these drains. But I am use to it now. I can fairly say that as time passed I can even eat my lunch while working. It is part of my job description to unblock sewerage drains. The smell and hygiene are bad but there is no other choice it is work that has to be done by somebody so I will not even complain,” he said.