Chinese mining company sends workers to mines without safety gear

April 5, 2018, 4:30pm

A Chinese mining company identified as Western Drilling CC has been accused of putting lives of its workers at risk by sending them to the mines near Braunfels Agricultural school in the Kunene region without protective gear.

This is despite the plea of its workers to supply the necessary gear needed by miners to protect themselves during their work activities. 

A worker at the mine, Silvanus Nanub, who has been employed at the mining site for three months has said they are working in an unsafe environment.

“We don’t get dust masks, no safety boots or proper overalls. Sometimes we are even forced to be working under rain as the mining site as on a mountain and our camps are few Kilometers from the mining site so if you go back home when it rains you won’t get paid. The most frustrating thing is that the Chinese do not care at even if we threaten them that we will take them to the labour office,” Nanub fumed. 

He added that most of the employed guys are there because they are making a living be because they do not want to beg for money in streets and prefer to earn little money from this opportunity. 

Another worker Romeo Kheib has said that the money they are paid is fair but the Chinese refuse to assist the with protective clothing.