Law Society wants answers from Quinton Z van Rooyen

04 Apr 2018 15:40pm

The Law Society of Namibia (LSN) has hit at Trustco’s deputy chief executive officer, Quinton Z van Rooyen over his publicly distributed statements, at the end of last year, in which he made allegations implying that members of the legal profession were acting unethically which is the reason why Trustco do not reimburse certain legal practitioners.

 The Council of the Law Society, at its meeting held on 12 December 2017, considered the statements and resolved that he be requested to provide evidence of such alleged misconduct to the LSN for further investigation, said LSN. 

“Council further resolved that if Trustco should fail to submit evidence of alleged unethical conduct, the LSN shall issue a press statement in response to the allegations made by Mr. Van Rooyen / Trustco and inform the public that no official complaints have been received from Trustco in this regard,” said LSN. 

The LSN, on two occasions, requested such evidence in writing, via email and post.

LSN also said during February 2018, Trustco informed them that these letters were never received, and same was again forwarded.

“Trustco has still not provided the LSN with a reply, or evidence against any legal practitioners for alleged misconduct,” it said. 

The LSN said that it had been informed that some matters have been postponed in the High Court for reason of Trustco’s failure to pay the legal practitioners involved.

 This as well as that several firms are in the process of taking further legal action against Trustco, on behalf of their clients (i.e. Legal Shield policy holders) as well as in their own cause.

“As the LSN received a complaint that Trustco’s actions are prejudicial to the clients of legal professionals (which complaint was also submitted to NAMFISA), the LSN will continue to monitor the situation,” it said.

The Law Society had issues with statements such as “Insurance flushed out those lawyers trying to game their claim, and established stronger relationships with ethical lawyers, improving our service by a magnitude”.

A further media report stated, “The company declared a dispute on the accounts of some lawyers after the fees they charged exceeded the structure agreed with Trustco Insurance; the company was invoiced for work not done by the lawyers; some attorneys claimed payments that were not due and payable, and the company was invoiced by lawyers before the finalisation of specific phases of cases in which they received instructions to represent Legal Shield clients, Trustco Insurance said in its statement”.

“The LSN is tasked, amongst others, with upholding the standards of the legal profession and protecting the image of the legal profession in general. The LSN is also responsible to protect the public against unethical conduct by members of the legal profession,” said LSN.  

 It also said that they are obliged to act against any alleged unethical conduct by its members.