10 Zambian nationals arrested for illegally driving taxis in Katima

04 Apr 2018 15:40pm

The Namibian Police over the Easter weekend snatched up to 10 Zambian nationals after they were caught illegally operating taxis in Katima Mulilo.

They allegedly took advantage of the large number of people who travelled to the town for the football activities that took place and tried to make a buck without permits to work in Namibia.

This was confirmed by the regional crime investigation coordinator of Zambezi region commissioner Evans Simasiku. 

“The Zambian nationals have been employed as taxi drivers by Namibians and we arrested them for working without working permits in Namibia. It is against the law to work without a working permit. These illegal taxi drivers are the ones that are mostly involved in smuggling in illegal things into the country. As the Namibian police we will not tolerate such behavior,” Simasiku said. 

Simasiku also added that the police impounded 53 taxis which were operated without taxi permits over the Easter weekend. 

“The Namibian community must do away with operating illegal taxis as well as employing foreign nationals without work permits because we cannot live in a country that is not controlled by the rule of law. If the community wants to employ foreign nationals as taxi drivers they must help them apply for work permits and just not do as they feel,” he said.

He also said that Namibians who employ foreign nationals without the proper working permits will face the full wrath of the law.

Simasiku confirmed that the arrested Zambian nationals have not appeared in court and are expected to appear in the Katima Mulilo magistrates’ court this week.