Otjiwarongo municipality only has one health inspector …as expired foods are found on Theo’s Spar shelves

03 Apr 2018 15:40pm

The Otjiwarongo municipality has said that it only has one health inspector to cover the entire town, this is after expired foods where discovered on the most visited supermarket in the town, Theo’s Spar.

Speaking to The Villager, Otijwarongo municipality spokesperson, Adelheid Shilongo, said that the health inspectors does his rounds regularly to check for foods whose shelf life have run out.

The expired foods which date back as far as 2017 where discovered during the Easter weekend.

This also comes at a time when consumer protection lobbyists says that there is a need for a Consumer Protection Act in Namibia.

Shilongo said that the health inspector collects all products that are expired from time to time and that she was surprised that expired foods were found on the shelves.

“It is very surprising that there would be expired products on the shelves because our health inspector is always doing rounds to check if there are expired products on shelves of every shop in Otjiwarongo. We are making sure that expired product are removed from shelves on time in order to avoid customers from consuming expired products,” she said.

Foods that have been removed from the shelves during to expiration are taken in by the sanitation department to be destroyed carefully, she told The Villager.

When contacted for comment the floor manager at Theo’s Spar Renier Scheitekart has said that although product expiry is checked regularly sometimes products slip through and end up on the shelves.

“I must apologies for this but sometimes the people that are on the floor responsible for packing these products do not check expiry dates and that is the reason why this products en up on shelves. It does not happen more often but it does happen sometimes. Even the health inspectors sometimes find these products on their visits and it has to be removed.So please accept my apology,” he said.

He added that customers that buy expired products must come ion with proof of purchase slip in order to be refunded.