Namibian truck driver held in Zambia for murder … allegedly stabbed one of two hijackers in self defense

28 Mar 2018 15:40pm

A Namibian truck driver has been apprehended by Zambian law enforcement agents for murder after he allegedly tried to defend himself from two suspected hijackers resulting in him stabbing one of them to death.

Information sent to this publication has it that the arrest of the Namibian nationality, who drives for one of the transport companies in Otavi called Porgieter Otavi, happened in Senanga after he had fled the scene for fear of his life.

Speaking to The Villager, Inspector-General of the Police, Lieutenant General Sebastian Ndeitunga said the report he got is that the Namibian stabbed a Zambian police officer at a road block.

“The investigation is continuing to establish as to what exactly happened, I did not receive a formal communication from my counterparts in Zambia and I am still waiting through Interpol to be informed,” he said over the phone.  

 Ndeitunga said the Zambezi regional Commander I Katima Mulilo has been tasked to act on the matter in collaboration with the Zambian authorities and establish formal communication lines between the two countries.

 Namibia Marshall Rangers Sheriff Sean Naude also confirmed the incident saying that the driver’s employer is currently in Zambia trying to sort the matter out with the authorities.

“He has been charged for murder although it was self defense. Two guys approached and attacked him, trying to rob him and then he grabbed a knife and he stabbed one guy. He then fled the scene because he was fearing for his life,” he said.

One of the truck drivers who spoke to The Villager, Tony Rodrigues, said contrary to reports that the incident happened at the Zambia-Zimbabwe border, it was kilometers from the Wenela border into Zambia. 

“I would say it was an accident that happened on Saturday, about 103 km from the Katima Mulilo border in a town where there is a check point. The driver stayed up there and he had some people tying to hijack him. When he came outside to see what was happening, one of the guys took out a knife which he managed to get and stabbed one of them. From there he drove off for about 98km, he was blocked by the Zambian police officers saying that he had murdered somebody and then he got locked up in a town called Senanga.”