Kahimise says there is no bad blood between him and Kanime … as investigations of misconduct expected to take less than 90 days

27 Mar 2018 18:16pm




City of Windhoek’s chief executive officer, Robert Kahimise has hit back at sentiment that the decision to suspend city police chief, Abraham Kanime, was because the two had personal issues.

Speaking to members of the media at a press conference held at the municipality yesterday, Kahimise said what happened to Kanime could have happened to anybody caught in such a situation.

“There are no personal issues. We are here to serve the public and we need to be accountable,” said the CEO.  

 In leaked documents first filed to the High Court in October of last year, Kanime accused his employer in his affidavit for interfering in his duties, victimization and issuing threats. 

“It was all about interference of Council and my office in the work of Chief Kanime but equally as well the same case was withdrawn, why, because as far as I know there was no basis to advance the interference of Council, of myself in the work of city police,” Kahimise said. 

He has also refused to get into detail  of the  charges laid before the under-fire police chief but said they had everything to do with trust issues and misappropriation of public funds. 

“I think we are all aware, the city of Windhoek is a public institution. We are dealing with public funds. The allegation which I can put in very simple terms has to do with expenditure of public funds which definitely we expect is going to be revealed by the said investigation. So for now that’s all I can disclose. That’s what was revealed by the preliminary investigation,” he said. 

If there is to be sufficient evidence to press charges against Kanime, the CEO will constitute a body of inquiry which will act as a disciplinary committee whose recommendations on the outcome will go to Council for a final decision.  

Kahimise said if Kanime is to be cleared of any wrong doing he will be reinstated to his post. 

Contrary to initial reports, the CEO did however confirm that Kanime has been suspended with full pay following a quick motivation he raised before the Council the day he got suspended.

“I have just also informed you that we had a late Council meeting yesterday. So immediately after the notice was served to chief Kanime yesterday afternoon, he made use of that opportunity to motivate to Council why he should be suspended with pay and his request was considered favourably,” said the CEO. 

Meanwhile, senior superintendent Nathaniel Nendongo has been appointed acting chief of city police.