Arts entrepreneurship and crafts skills workshops to held in Rundu

27 Mar 2018 17:00pm
RUNDU, 27 MAR (NAMPA) – Workshops on art and culture entrepreneurship and crafts skills will be held at Rundu between April and July this year.
The workshops will be conducted by the Arts Foundation of Kavango and Artists Association (AFOKAA) in conjunction with the Directorate of Arts in the Ministry of Education, Arts and Culture.
It will be sponsored by the National Art Gallery of Namibia.
AFOKAA representative Edward Mukoya told Nampa on Wednesday they will amongst others target music producers, fashion designers, singers, painters and sculptors.
The art and culture entrepreneurship workshop will be held at the Kavango East Regional Council auditorium from 09 April until 20 April, while the crafts skills workshop will be held at the Maria Mwengere Cultural Centre from 30 April until 06 July.
“Artists in the region lack the knowledge and know-how to manage their businesses and do not really know how to market their products or write business proposals,” Mukoya said.
The crafts training will focus mostly on traditional crafts such as basketry, wood carving, and pottery, iron smelting and weaving.
Mukoya said elderly people with these skills will help conduct the training which will ultimately help preserve these skills.