Kahimise breathes fires against Kanime....Suspends him on strict conditions

March 27, 2018, 11:30am

City police boss, Abraham Kanime was yesterday given marching orders by his employer, chief executive officer of City of Windhoek Robert Kahimise, without his basic wage and deprived of powers vested in him.

The letter which was issued him yesterday says that an internal audit exercise had revealed that Kanime committed a serious misconduct without clearly indicating in black and white what this was.

However, it is rumoured that he allegedly used Council funds in his court case against Kahimise whom he accused of interfering in his duties.

He has been instructed to hand over office keys, access cards and his city police appointment certificate at his employer's office at Town House 5th floor Rev Michael Scott street.

The letter also says that he will continue to be subjected to the same disciplines and penalties as if he has not been suspended.

Kanime has as well been instructed to stay away from the city police department premises, not to contact or communicate with the Municipality employees and his subordinates pertaining to his suspension and investigation.