Unemployed nurses demand the immediate firing of Haufiku

March 26, 2018, 5:39pm

Unemployed nurses who marched to the ministry of health protesting unemployment yesterday demanded the immediate firing of minister Bernard Haufiku and accused him of being insensitive to their needs.

The students carried their march right to the doorstep of the ministry chanting “Down with Haufiku” and speaking to The Villager, their spokesperson, Junias Shilunga said the president made a mistake appointing a minister with no administrative qualities.

“The minister does not care about poor people who are suffering in regions like Ohangwena and the Kavango region. The minister has frozen nursing posts but when we look at the shortage you will cry. In Ohangwena you will find a clinic with two nurses attending to 200 patients. We have 210 graduates who are registered nurses and are sited at home ad these guys need to be employed,” said Shilunga.

He blasted the minister for doing nothing to get unemployed nurses in the public health sector when the budget has been pronounced already.