Swakara auction sold out in Copenhagen

March 26, 2018, 5:37pm

The Swakara auction which was held on the 18th of March in Copenhagen, Denmark, this year, was successful and saw 100% of the offering being sold out, Namibia Agricultural Union (NAU) has informed.

A total of 41 809 pelts were sent to Copenhagen and the average price was N$476,38 which was a decrease of 4,1% compared to the September 2017 average price.

The highest price of N$1 980 was paid for the black top lot and was bought by Konstantinou Furs in Greece while England bought the most pelts followed by Greece.

Last year’s top lot for black Swakara fetched N$2,647.30 of which LaoPanPicao, a fur retailer from Harbin, China was the buyer.