Rundu Town Council engages community

23 Mar 2018 11:30am
RUNDU, 23 MAR (NAMPA) - The Rundu Town Council has started organising community meetings, amongst others to give residents an understanding of the situation regarding the town’s Namibia Water Corporation (NamWater) debt.
The meetings started here on 12 March and will be held until the end of April.
“We started in Kasote where the turnout was satisfactory. We then went to Sauyemwa but unfortunately, that meeting was postponed due to poor turnout,” the town council’s acting Chief Executive Officer, Fransiska Thikerete told Nampa on Thursday.
The meeting in Tutungeni was also postponed as residents felt the suburb committee responsible for that area needed to inform more residents about the meetings so they can prepare themselves better.
“Basically our aim is that we want to take matters that are of concern to the council to the people, such as the high water debt council has,” Thikerete said.
She said the meetings could be useful in helping residents understand the importance of them assisting the council by paying their water bills.
Some two weeks ago, Rundu was left without water after NamWater disconnected the town’s water supply because of an accumulated N.dollars 60 million debt.
The meetings also touch on land issues.
Thikerete said residents who have secured plots within the boundaries of the town and have not paid for it should come forth and do so.
“They need to visit our offices so that we follow the correct procedures such as signing their deeds of sale,” she said.