Report on oil spill investigations expected next week

23 Mar 2018 08:00am
WALVIS BAY, 23 MAR (NAMPA) - The report on investigations of which ship dumped oil found at Afrodite Beach two weeks ago, is expected to be made public next week.
This was revealed on Thursday when officials from Namport and the Ministry of Works and Transport briefed Minister of Environment and Tourism, Pohamba Shifeta on the progress of the matter.
Officials reported that a good lead was followed and a culprit is expected to be charged after all the legal procedures are followed.
When found guilty, the offender is expected to cover the cost of cleaning up the oil spill which is estimated to be around N.dollars 5 million plus other costs.
On Sunday, a small streak of oil was also detected at the lagoon in Walvis Bay, but was cleaned up immediately.
Briefing the minister, Deputy Director of Marine Pollution Control and Search and Rescue from the Ministry of Works and Transport, Pinehas Auene said the Sunday discovery is related to the one at Afrodite Beach.
Auene said fish found dead at the lagoon did not die due to the oil but a normal occurrence of lack of oxygen in the water.
Residents who collected dead fish to eat, are discouraged to do so as it could be dangerous to their health.
“Overall the situation is under control. We have inspected the area and concluded for sure that there is no more oil; our water is clean,” he said.
Shifeta said there is a need for environmental management laws to be made more punitive.
This will allow for serious punishment that will deter deliberate offenders, he said.
“We also need to increase surveillance on our waters and implement more precautionary measures so that we are not caught off-guard by these types of events,” said the minister.