Quinton van Rooyen gives in to pressure...as outcry shoots off the roof against Trustco 'sexist' advert

March 22, 2018, 4:51pm

Trustco Group managing director, Quinton van Rooyen, has given in to pressure promising that he would issue a public apology after a sexist advert calling for female board members drew public outrage, from the First Lady Monica Geingos to women pressure groups. 

The advert was issued by the group on their Facebook page lately meant to recruit female board members.

It was studded with what has been considered sexist and demeaning phrases like, “… because women just look better in board pictures” while the image of an American transgender TV personality, Caitlin Jenner, was projected with protruded breasts.

In reference to the transgender celebrity, the advert read in red ink, “Some will do anything to get a seat”

In bold capital letters just below Jenner, the phrase “broadmember” also appeared which has been watered down as a demeaning reference to women.

Facebook has since kicked it off people’s sight. 

While the Trustco boss himself had initially praised his team for doing a “brilliant job”, a massive backlash from women organisations drove him to the corner and he said the apology will come by 15h00.