Tweya bashes master-servant EU lures Namibia into economic partnership agreement implementation

March 20, 2018, 4:56pm

With the Americans having imposed trade tariffs on European steel, the EU looks to Africa and the Sadc region for more trade, but minister Tjekero Tweya has said this should not imply a master-servant relationship between Namibia and European states.

High ranking EU officials have indicated that they would press for exemptions from the crippling steel tariffs after a meeting with US’s top trade representatives could not yield positive results.

EU ambassador to Namibia, Jana Hybaskova has come out to say Europe is available to support the unhindered access of Namibian exports into the single market. 

She has thus called for the smooth sailing of Economic Partnership Agreements between EU and African countries, particularly Namibia for mutual trade relations.

“In partnership with the parliament of the Republic of Namibia we were able to ratify economic partnership agreements and we were ready to start to implement. You might recall that actually we were hurrying with the EPA ratification in 2016 to get your grapes to EU markets duty free, quota free and we managed.”