Onanke community receives cellular network coverage

20 Mar 2018 17:30pm
ONANKE, 20 MAR (NAMPA) – The Onanke community in the Oshikoto Region on Monday received network coverage through the Mobile Telecommunications Limited (MTC)’s “081EVERY1” project.
Before residents were forced to travel to nearby villages to access telecommunications services.
In his keynote speech at the launch ceremony of the transmitter tower, Minister of Information and Communication Technology, Stanley Simataa noted that even though developments such as this come at a slow pace, they are important and should therefore not be taken for granted.
“I am now challenging banks and other businesses to set up in this area, as there are no longer an excuses of poor or lack of network,” he said, adding that businesspeople from this area can now bring their businesses back home and develop their community.
Simataa advised the community to acquire mobile phones and make use of the services made available for them.
The 081Every1 project, launched last year, entails the creation of new network-sites as well as the improvement of infrastructure over a period of two years. It will see MTC constructing over 524 towers across the country in order to improve network efficiency and strengthen reception in previously underserviced or poorly serviced areas.
MTC Board Chairperson Elvis Nashilongo, at the same event, noted that as part of its milestone, the company will also commission a number of sites in the various regions, with the next village being Engombe in the Oshana Region.
“We intend to erect 29 new sites in the Zambezi Region within the first quarter of this year whilst in the Kavango West, eight new sites are expected to be completed by April 2018,” Nashilongo added.
The chairperson expressed the belief that through this project, MTC will increase its territorial network footprint and provide a perfect 100 per cent population density coverage.
Regional Governor, Henock Kankoshi emphasised the fact that most rural areas are still faced with a significant challenge of resources such as poor communication, transport and electricity services, among others.
He, therefore, expressed gratitude on behalf of the community for the transmitter tower, noting that the era of being disconnected from the rest of the region, if not country, has finally come to an end.
The tower is a 3G network and stands 60 metres tall.
A mobile phone recharge kiosk has been set up next to it.