Likoro to appeal against prison sentence

20 Mar 2018 11:10am
WINDHOEK, 20 MAR (NAMPA) – A convict who is serving a 10-year prison sentence for raping a former colleague, is finally allowed a chance to appeal against his punishment in the Supreme Court.
Windhoek High Court judges Johanna Taatsu Salionga and Dinah Usiku allowed Vincent Likoro an opportunity to appeal against his prison sentence in the Supreme Court in a ruling they handed down on Tuesday.
“Your application to be allowed leave to appeal against the 10-year prison sentence is granted. You are now allowed to appeal against the punishment in the Supreme Court,” said Usiku.
Likoro’s privately-instructed defence lawyer, Jan Wessels, will in the next few days file papers before the Registrar of the Supreme Court in respect of the appeal bid of his client.
Likoro, a former Swapo coordinator for the Kavango regions, will appeal against the sentence imposed on him by the Katima Mulilo Regional Court on 21 January 2016.
He is claiming there was grave misdirection by the court at the time of the trial, judgement and sentencing by Magistrate Bongani Ndlovu.
He further declared that there was another second grave misdirection by High Court judges Christie Liebenberg and Dinah Usiku when the two dismissed his first appeal attempt in the Windhoek High Court on 08 December 2017, ordering him to start serving his prison sentence with immediate effect.
Likoro is not happy with the manner in which the regional court handled the whole proceeding of his trial.
He alleged the trial was not legally handled as per the strict provisions of the Criminal Procedures Act of 1977 and that Ndlovu rejected his version of events without allowing proper cross-examinations of State witnesses.
He will now ask the Supreme Court to look at all alleged irregularities that transpired in the regional court during trial, maintaining it “was not correct at all”.
Likoro was convicted of having had sexual intercourse with a colleague without her consent on 07 July 2013 during an official trip to the Zambezi Region, when he was a ministerial advisor in the then Ministry of Lands and Resettlement.
He now serves his prison sentence at the Windhoek Central Correctional Facility, pending the finalisation of the hearing of his appeal case.
Advocate Dominic Lisulo appeared for the State.