Business dragging to a halt as Listeriosis panic holds market hostage...While producers rush to protect own products

March 19, 2018, 4:57pm

The local ready-made-food products manufacturing industry is having sleepless nights over the panic that has been caused by the outbreak of Listeriosis and more so with an incident having been reported in Namibia.

A number of manufacturers issued out statements coming to the rescue of their on products which they pleaded as Listeriosis free but the fear in the market is set to impact business negatively.

Speaking to The Villager this week, Readibites Meat Market’s John Hayes said since the report of the Tsumeb man who fell ill, business has not been the same.  

“It’s killing us! People were understanding about the South African products and then there was a claim about the guy that got sick in Tsumeb. Since then business cut off. We are standing here and (we do) not even have a third of our production  that we used to have,” he said.

Hayes said his only hope is that things will get back so business can come around again with sanity in the market.

“We hope people will start realising that Namibian products are good. You also saw Meatco, those are big guys, they are also Listeriosis free,” he said.