Omagongo Cultural Festival coming in May

March 18, 2018, 4:48pm

The Omagongo Cultural Festival which seeks to celebrate and unify people from all tribes will this year be held on the 26th of May at the Uukwaluudhi Royal homestead, chairperson of the information and publicity sub-committee, Tulimeyo Kaapanda has said.  

She confirmed that announcements have also been made by the Omukwaniilwa and the the Omukwaniilwa Uukwaluudhi Traditional Authority’s tatekulu Josia Shikongo.  

The Omagongo Cultural Festival is an annual event celebrated on a rotational basis within the eight northern Traditional Authorities of Namibia, namely Uukwaluudhi, Ondonga, Ongandjera, Ombalantu, Uukwambi, Uukolonkadhi, Ombandja and Oukwanyama.  

The 2018 event will mark the 2nd time the Uukwaluudhi Traditional Authority will be hosting this event.  

Officially launching the event on Monday this week, at the Uukwaluudhi Royal Homestead, tatekulu Taapopi said that the Omagongo Cultural Festival 2018, earmarked to celebrate the Omagongo as a natural endowment of northern Namibia is expected to be graced by the presence of eminent guests.