Namibia poultry producers' association keep fingers crossed on tight border influenza threat lingers on

March 18, 2018, 4:44pm

With an outbreak of Listeriosis having already created panic in both the South African and Namibian food chain, the local small poultry industry has also pleaded with immigration to maintain tight control of the borders against a possible influenza out break from SA.  

The local poultry producers’ association is a small grouping of farmers fighting for survival against rival foreign products and is only managed to keep afloat by four commercial farmers and a handful of small scale farmers. 

At a state-of-the-industry session held in the capital last week, one of the association’s front-persons, James Roux, said if they can’t be protected chances of retrenching remain high, a situation they do not want to see since unemployment has become rampant. 

“We would like government to maintain border control and also that we can have self-sustainability. If we open the borders that will be affected. Border control should be tightened; no chicken products may enter the country so that we may produce locally,” said Roux.