Chew what you can swallow-Analysts on unfinished capital projects

March 18, 2018, 4:42pm

With an array of budgeted capital projects stuck in limbo due to budgetary constraints and at times incompetency, analysts have advised that instead of chewing more than it can swallow, government could focus on prioritising three projects per region. 

Last year alone, five projects had to be shelved in Kavango West due to inadequacies in funds. 

 Clinics and health centres at Nkurekuru, Dcwatjinga, Gcaruhwa and Rupara and a district hospital which had gone for three years unattended to are testimony of a government that is taking more than it can handle only to be later financially overwhelmed.

Many of such noble undertakings end up being white elephants. 

Last year in March, Mpaca-Candino Mining and Construction hogged negative publicity for abandoning upgrades of Mpaca Airport in the Zambezi Region despite having been paid a whopping N$62 billion by the state.   

Media reports have it that the project should have been finished in 2015.  

Tackling a few projects at a time  will assist government to keep track of funds that get taken back state coffers after it has been allocated for capital projects, analysts reason.  

 “It will not only be a wise move but it will also save time for the government to perfectly execute capital projects in the regions. This also means that the state will be able to track on time how the funds are utilised for these projects annually.”