CoD denounces Heita

22 Nov 2013 13:50pm
OSHAKATI, 22 NOV (NAMPA) - The coordinator of the Congress of Democrats (CoD) in the Oshana Region says Abisai Heita, who rejoined the Swapo-Party over the weekend, was not a member of CoD.
CoD coordinator Abraham Ndumbu said this while speaking to Nampa at Oshakati on Thursday.
Heita, self-styled king of Ombalantu, rejoined the Swapo-Party during the ruling party’s mobilisation meeting held at Oshikuku village in the Omusati Region last Saturday.
Nampa reported on Monday that Heita, who retired as a school principal in the Oshikoto Region recently, deserted the CoD and walked over to Swapo during the ruling party’s political rally.
During the event, the coordinator of the Swapo-Party in the Omusati Region, Erkki Endjala told those who attended the meeting that Heita was rejoining the Swapo family from the CoD.
Ndumbu claimed that Heita was not a CoD member for the past four years as he left the party and joined the Rally for Democracy and Progress (RDP) when it was formed in 2007.
“He (Heita) has forgotten that he left CoD four years ago, because he was a member of many political parties. We as regional leaders in the North are tired of party hoppers who are suffering from ambitions of positions, status and financial problems, using the name of our party when they are looking for greener pastures,” he stated.
He noted that Heita was however only a member of the RDP for a year before he allegedly started looking for a suitable platform where he could “hand himself over” to the Swapo-Party as a result of apparent pressure from his family who wanted him to rejoin the party in order to be recognised as the king of Ombalantu.
“To tell the truth of where you are coming from is not a crime,” Ndumbu stated.
He also admitted that Heita was once a coordinator for the CoD in the Ongwediva district.
Approached for comment on Thursday evening, Heita however said he “never joined the RDP”, neither any other political grouping.
“I came from the CoD when I rejoined Swapo last weekend,” he said.
He further alleged that Ndumbu also wanted to rejoin the Swapo-Party.
“He (Ndumbu) is a war veteran anyway, but he could not rejoin like me because he was expelled from the ruling party,” Heita alleged.
The information and mobilisation secretary of the RDP in the Oshana Region, Eino Heelu also denied that Heita was ever a member of the official opposition party.
“I don’t know Heita... As far as we know, the RDP did not record the resignation of a member in the Oshana Region recently,” Heelu said.