Parliamentary standing committees to face possible budget fears over compromising projects rise

March 13, 2018, 5:11pm

Parliamentary standing committees may have to freeze some of their projects given a looming cut on their budget. 

This comes after Rally for Democracy and Progress Secretary General and chairperson for the standing committee on public accounts, Mike Kavekotora, told this publication that the speaker of parliament had hinted on possible budget cut. 

 Kavekotora had raised a motion in the August house last year calling for the finance minister to consider an additional allocation to their budget which was at a measly plus or minus N$4.5 million.

This was after their budget allocation had been severed off from N$13 million in the 2016/17 financial year. 

With fiscal consolidation under way, several back benchers expressed that it was unfair that every time there are budget cuts to be made, they get to bear the brunt.

“We have to be treated as equals,” Kavekotora stamped this week in an exclusive interview with this publication.

Meanwhile, the National Assembly has been allocated N$112.5 million in FY2018/19 and a total of about N$339.0 million over the Medium Term Expenditure Framework, while the National Council is allocated N$100.4 million and N$294.4 million over the MTEF.