The life of a Tombo addict

March 12, 2018, 5:33pm

It is 10h45 on a Thursday morning and 30-year-old Jonas Thomas (not real name) is planning on how to earn his next quick buck to buy his N$5 glass of the traditional brew, Tombo.

Thomas who refused to be photographed is addicted to Tombo and does not have plans to stop anytime soon.

Sometimes Thomas would consume nothing but kapana left overs and Tombo for days on, but insists that his Tombo drinking habits have not contributed to his inability to keep a job to support himself and his children.

He now describes himself as someone who lives in extreme poverty, and is finding it hard to slay his demons and improve his way of life.

His only hope now is for his children to finish school and eventually lift him out of his poor reality.

“I have been unemployed for two years now, and every morning I wake up, I come to the Tombo house to drink,” he begins.

The rich accent and maturity in his voice can not conceal the natural intelligence in this thirty-year-old as he begins to narrate his ordeal.

We are in the thickness of the notorious but famous Katutura’s Single Quarters, where almost everyone seems to drag their feet in an alcohol induced stupor.