Good days over for public servants that profited on S&Ts

March 12, 2018, 5:31pm

Good times for public office holders that used to make a fortune from Subsistence and Travel Allowances are over as the finance minister chopped the S&Ts budget from a whopping N$634.3 million in financial year 2015/16 to a paltry N$221.8 million in financial year 2018/19.

The allowances have been a subject of contempt given the unholy culture of extravagance they brought on civil servants and the state, and this week, analyst welcomed Schlettwein’s move to sweep off a huge portion of them from the budget as in-keeping with fiscal discipline. 

However, Action Coalition chairperson and associate researcher, Frederico Links, cautioned that government needed to do a robust follow up with proper management of the N$221.8 million to reap back good results.

“Besides the cuts, there has to be overall better management of these travel allowances. You can cut something because you do not have money but what happens when you have money again? So the problem is not in cutting, the issue is proper management of the S&Ts. If we have this then this would work, it would be good. We have to look at a time when there will be a lot of money again. Do we have the same issues then when that happens?” said Links.