Elders are selling drugs to the youth

12 Mar 2018 19:30pm
WINDHOEK, 12 (MAR) – Chief of the #Gaodaman, Petrus Ukongo has expressed concern that instead of addressing the issue of drugs and alcohol among the youth, some elders are selling these harmful substances to the youth.
Ukongo, who was speaking at the launch of a book titled ‘Reflections on Modern Damara History’ in the capital on Saturday, explained he has observed in the area of his jurisdiction that most children, as young as 11, are seen in shebeens, roaming the streets and devoting their time to the use of drugs and other harmful substances.
“It is a contradiction. Do we expect performance and high levels of improvement if we happen to find ourselves selling the drugs to our kids?” he asked.
The chief of the #Gaodaman, a sub-group of the Damara people, further expressed concern about young girls who indulge in sexual activities with older men, resulting in teenage pregnancies.
He thus urged women to play the role of guiding young girls and educating them on the initiation process which prepare young girls for womanhood, so as to avoid them falling pregnant in their teens.
“It is only then that the playing field will be levelled to compete or being considered worthy in relation to other tribes,” he said.
He further expressed concern about Namibians who do not teach their children their vernacular languages.
Referencing parents or guardians who opt rather to teach their children English and Afrikaans, Ukongo said this results in a communication breakdown between the children and the grandparents, who predominantly only know the vernacular languages.