Drought relief tinned fish boxes stolen from Kamanjab sub-warehouse

March 12, 2018, 5:19pm

Boxes of tinned fish have been stolen from the Kamanjab constituency office’s drought relief sub-warehouse on three occasions after it was initially broken into.

The break in comes in the wake of the constituency office having tried to rope in Nampol to investigate the matter, regional councillor of the Kamanjab constituency, Angenesia Taritjie, has told The Villager.

“We opened a case last month after we noticed that boxes of tinned fish had been stolen from the sub-warehouse after it was broken into on several occasions. The warehouse is constantly being broken into and we as the leaders think that it is the same person that broke in two times and has recently done it again. I am so disappointed in the police,” she said. 

She  has stamped that community members will not be left hungry because of persons that want to benefit alone from the state relief meant for the drought-stricken.  

  Taritjie said she  has approached the police on several occasions to investigate the matter but to no avail.