NCPG to commemorate World Consumer Rights Day on Thursday

10 Mar 2018 11:30am
RUNDU, 10 MAR (NAMPA) – The Namibia Consumer Protection Group (NCPG) will on 15 March commemorate World Consumer Rights Day under the international theme, ‘Making digital marketplaces fairer’.
A statement availed to Nampa by the group’s Volunteer Executive Director, Milton Louw on Friday said the 2018 campaign aims to promote digital marketplaces that are accessible, safe and fair for consumers across the globe.
“E-commerce, or buying products and services online, has transformed the way we consume,” he said in the statement, adding that consumers with a connected device and a payment method can buy anything from music to food or book transport and accommodation.
This new way to trade has opened up a vast array of choice for consumers and enhanced convenience on a scale never seen before.
Louw however pointed out that along with its benefits, e-commerce raises key issues for consumers.
These include access to fair and secure markets, making sure that there is redress when things go wrong and being exposed to scams and fraud.
Louw said because of this, the consumer movement has to work to ensure that digital market places are fairer for everyone.
The Namibia Consumer Protection Group was founded in 2009 to unify and mobilise consumers through the identification of visible and clear targets in the community, and propose specific changes for the benefit of the consumers.