NamPower sounds electricity SOS

21 Nov 2013 15:00

NamPower wishes to inform the public that the system of one of its regional suppliers and transmission partners, Eskom is currently under severe constraint due to the loss of additional generating units from their power stations and the extensive use of emergency reserves.


The situation has prompted Eskom to declare an emergency.


Despite local and regional power supply challenges, NamPower has continued to provide uninterruptable electricity supply to the nation. The situation that Eskom is currently facing does however impact on guaranteed supply in terms of direct imports from Eskom.


NamPower is currently supplying the country through its local generation sources, in addition to imports.

“It is however important to state that the prevailing drought situation has had a severe impact on the water flow of the Kunene River, resulting in the reduced output of the Ruacana Hydro Power Station, our main generation source. Given this situation, we wish to remind our customers and the nation at large that the electricity supply situation remains critical,” a statement issued by the power utility spokesperson, Monica Nashandi today read.


It further read; “While NamPower continues to do everything in its power to ensure security of supply, we appeal to all our customers and the nation at large to continue implementing electricity saving measures such as switching off air-conditioners, geysers and swimming pool pumps and all other non-essential appliances during peak times – which is eight to ten in the morning and six to nine in the evening - to reduce the demand. We rely on your cooperation and support and we pledge to keep you informed about developments regarding the situation.”