Forget the figures, budget must be implemented

March 8, 2018, 5:13pm

High sounding figures and long speeches in parliament do not address the problems on the ground for the Namibian people if the budget is not effectively implemented, Swapo party youth league spokesperson Gerson Dumeni has cautioned.

Speaking to this publication a day after the national budget’s presentation in the August House, Dumeni said it is incumbent that the nation addresses the issue of climate change, a lack of which will ruin efforts to heal the floundering economy.

“We can not talk about growth if we do not address climate change, if we can not address the drought and the issue of the floods in the north. This can also affect all the other sectors that we are talking about, be it in education, be it growth in business.”

“As far as the budget of 2018/19 is concerned and is described as pro-growth and pro-poor, one would not really mind much about the figures but want to see the implementation. We can have billions, but as long as we do not have the measures in which we are going to fast track the implementation that budget will just be a paper,” he said.

From a political dimension, academic and analyst, Ndumba Kamwanya submits that the contents of the budget were influenced by the presidential call to alleviate poverty.