Talent pool lacks skills: Angula

21 Nov 2013 13:30pm
WINDHOEK, 21 NOV (NAMPA) - The aspirations of Vision 2030 are not likely to be realised if one looks at the pace of socio-economic development in the country, Defence Minister Nahas Angula said on Wednesday.
He made these remarks at the two-day Third Institute of People Management (IPM) Convention here, adding that it is 'crystal clear' that 16 years down the road, the lack of skills in the labour force is a challenge in the formation of the national talent pool.
“What we are witnessing in Namibia today is a high level of unemployment, alongside acute skills shortages. This state of affairs came about because of a talent mismatch,” Angula noted.
He said educational institutions are not coordinating with business entities in order to avoid a skills' mismatch, and as a result young people are graduating annually from institutions of higher learning here but businesses continue complaining about the lack in the skills economy.
The minister emphasised that technological change is also a challenge in national talent pool development.
“Modern economic development demands high technology and brainpower. This suggests that human capital formation should embrace a strong component of high technology skills. There is an urgent need for Government, businesses and educational institutions to coordinate their efforts in the future workforce is technology savvy,” he said.
Angula noted that that workforce retention and engagement is another area human resource (HR) managers need to pay attention to.
“Team building starts with a strong and inspiring leadership. Such a leadership unites employees behind a shared mission. The aim is to forge a motivated workforce, all moving in the same direction for a common purpose,” he said.
Angula urged the IPM to rally its members towards addressing the human capital formation challenges, as Namibia cannot make significant progress if its workforce is laggard, poorly skilled, technologically backward and emotionally disengaged from its work environment.
The convention is being attended by, amongst others, Executive Director for the Namibia Institute of Public Administration and Management (NIPAM) Professor Joseph Diescho, Chief Executive Officer of the Namibia Chamber of Commerce (NCCI) Tarah Shaanika and various stakeholders.